Excursions from Eilat

Camel riding and cheese tasting


Camel Ranch - Camel Ranch. The farm was founded in 1987 in the vicinity of the Shlomo river bed, along which there are tourist routes traveled by thousands of travelers who come to Eilat every year. The farm has about 35 camels. The walking routes are chosen so that they are suitable for both children and adults. The instructor will explain how to properly get on and off the camel, how to hold while riding, and also teach how to control the camel, how to lead it by the bridle. The route runs through the desert, there is an ascent to one of the nearest easily accessible mountain peaks.
Upon returning to the ranch, travelers will be treated to a campfire herbal tea and thin flatbreads served with local goat labane and green olives. Incredibly delicious!

2 Hours

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