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Park Timna. King Solomon's Mines


The park arose millions of years ago as a result of the formation of the Syrian-African Rift. Visitors to Timna Park seem to look at millions of years into the depths of the centuries. Millions of years into the geological past and thousands of years into the past of mankind. Copper mining in Timna began four millennia BC, that is, 6000 years ago. It is here that the world's oldest copper mines were found, which were named "The Mines of King Solomon". All other copper mines mentioned in the literature under this name, as it turned out, are fictitious, and only the copper mines in the Timna Valley actually existed.
Bizarre rocks, colorful mountains, many rock paintings attract a large number of tourists here, on foot and horseback, on bicycles and in cars, with group bus excursions. Here you can have a good rest and just spend time on a lake that unexpectedly appears in this almost lunar kingdom. On the territory of Timna, the so-called "Eilat stone" was found - a unique alloy of malachite and lapis lazuli, similar to which nowhere else on Earth.

Park Timna

Park Timna, located some 25 km (about 17 miles) north of Eilat, combines beautiful scenery with special antiquities and history and a variety of activities the whole family will enjoy. The horseshoe-shaped valley covers some 60,000 dunams (15,000 acres) and is surrounded by steep cliffs. In the center is Mount Timna, 453 m (about 1500 ft) above sea level. Timna Valley is a geological window revealing a variety of minerals including copper, iron and manganese.



4 Hours

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The excursion is carried out in jeeps with stops at interesting places in the park.

Additionally - on-site admission fee of 33 shekels.

Park Timna
Park Timna