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Hai Bar Wildlife Sanctuary


Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve is located 40 km from Eilat. It arose thanks to the former military, who decided to save the endangered biblical animals and created a conservation area for them, more like a national park. The entire fauna of Hai-Bara lives in it almost freely, although the predators have to be content with the closed corrals of the zoo, called the "Center of predators". Of the animals living in the reserve, 6 species are rare, they were brought to the reserve on purpose, and among them are Somali wild donkeys, kulans, white Arabian oryx, addax antelopes. They are not only kept here, but also bred and then sent to their natural environment.

Hay Bar Carmel

The Hay-Bar nature reserve on the Carmel is devoted to the raising of endangered and extinct animals of the region and possible re-introduction to the wild.


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Hay Bar Carmel
Hay Bar Carmel