Banias Nature Reserve

Banias Nature Reserve

Banias is a unique natural and historical reserve. It contains from the ruins of ancient cities to the roaring Banias Waterfall – the biggest waterfall in Israel. The first report of it dates back to 202 B.C. in Polybius «History».

At Banias there is a cave described by Flavius in Judean Antiquities, in his time a river flowed out of a cave of incredible depth, but since then the cave has collapsed. Next to the collapsed cave are several niches carved in the rock with Greek inscriptions. There were statues of Pan and nymphs in them.

The largest waterfall in Israel is in the Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve (Banyas). Above the year-round flow of water there is a “hanging trail”, where unique remains of human legacy can be found.

The Banias Reserve is beautiful with the rushing waters of the stream and the lush vegetation framing them. The park stretches at the foot of Mount Hermon, at the source of the Jordan River.