Cenacle (The Upper Room)

Cenacle (The Upper Room)

One of the holiest sites for Christianity in Jerusalem. Cenacle is believed to be the site where Jesus gathered his disciples for the Last Supper. The site is also believed by some to be the Tomb of David.

The word “Cenacle” is derived from the Latin word for “dining room”, in memory of the festive Passover meal, which Jesus shared with his apostles on the eve of his death.

The Upper Room of the Last Supper (the Upper Room of Zion) is located on top of Mount Zion, outside the walls of the Old City, near the Gate of Zion.

Since 1948, the site has been under Israeli control and the lower floor, believed to house the Tomb of David, has been transformed into a synagogue as well as a memorial to victims of the Holocaust. The Cenacle, located on the upper floor, is open to visitors, but the Franciscans are only permitted to hold mass there twice a year, on the Day of Pentecost and on Holy Thursday.