Druze villages

Druze villages

The Israeli Druze are a religious and ethnic minority among Arab citizens, living in the north of Israel.
The Druze are very attached to their land and prefer to settle in their villages.

One of the largest Druze villages and the unofficial capital of the people, Daliyat el-Carmel, is situated on Mount Carmel Ridge, near Haifa, 450 meters above sea level.

The Druze religion is now considered its own religion separate from Islam. The religion was created in the 10th and 11th centuries in Egypt.

Conversions are not permitted in the Druze religion, because they believe that the first generation after the establishment of the Druze religion had an opportunity then to join the religion, and everyone alive today is reincarnated from that generation. Much like the Abrahamic faiths, the Druze religion is monotheistic, and recognizes many prophets, including Jesus, John the Baptist, Mohammed, Khidr and Moses.

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