Emmaus (Nicopolis)

Emmaus (Nicopolis)

Christian Holy Place & Antiquity Site.

Emmaus existed as a village in Palestine until 1967, located approximately 30 km west of Jerusalem, on the border between the mountains of Judea and the valley of Ayalon, not far from where the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem splits into two branches: northward through Beth-Horon and southwards, through Kiryat Yearim.

During the Crusader era there were thus two Emmauses.

  1. The first Emmaus-Nicopolis in the valley of Ayalon, was near Latrun. There was an agricultural settlement there until 1187, which included a temple built by the Crusaders and used for worship by Christians.
  2. The second Emmaus was in the area of present-day Abu Ghosh, a temple built by the Crusaders where Western pilgrims, beginning in the mid 12th century, came through Ein Karem.

Both Emmaus were associated in Crusader memory with Modi'in and Maccabees, under the influence of the First Book of Maccabees, and both were named Nicopolis, under the influence of Byzantine writings.

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