Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Titled the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times, this is a 24 hour city with a unique pulse, combining sandy Mediterranean beaches with a world-class nightlife, a buzzing cultural scene, incredible food, UNESCO recognized architecture, and an international outlook.

This city is like New York, Berlin, and Ibiza at the same time. If you want, you can find a piece of Paris and a fragment of Casablanca.

Tel Aviv is one of the most important cultural centers of Israel - it has several dozens of concert and theater halls, numerous museums and galleries. There are three repertory theaters (Habima, Gesher, Chamber Theater), several ballet ensembles (Israeli Ballet, Bat Sheva, Bat Dor, etc.), many rock and jazz bands performing on small stages.

Tel Aviv aslo includes Jaffa.