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Transfers from Ramon airport (Eilat)

Transfers from Ramon airport (Eilat)

Transfer order is available in the online booking section

Booking procedure

Transfer order

  1. Please select the “One way” tab in the “Transfer” section.
  2. In the "Direction" window, select the "From" item and the departure place, specify the date, time and number of persons for whom the transfer is ordered. In the search results you will see all available transfers from the selected departure point.
  3. To narrow your search results, please select a destination in the “To” box, for example, a hotel in Tel Aviv. You will receive several possible transfer options and will be able to choose and book a group or individual transfer.
Data change

Entering route data

For automatic ordering, when entering route data, you must enter the airports of departure and arrival, the name of the airline and the flight number, using the generally accepted abbreviations corresponding to the data on the ticket.

At the point of departure, instead of the name of the airport, it is possible to indicate the city.


  • departure city: JFK (New York),
  • arrival airport: TLV (Tel Aviv),
  • airline: LY (EL AL).

If you leave the fields blank, your order will be processed manually, in this case you need to contact us for details by e-mail:

Distance between cities

Departing from
Point of arrival